Exclusive Tips on Select perfect matching pairs of fancy loose diamonds.

Exclusive Tips on Select perfect matching pairs of fancy loose diamonds.

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t own a pair, Just like fingerprints or delicate snowflakes, every diamond is a unique beauty that has no identical match in the entire world. They are an everyday classic you can wear for the rest of your life, so you want to pick the perfect pair of pie cut diamond.


Recognizing the uniqueness of every stone, getting “matching” diamond pairs for multi-stone settings, such as engagement rings and earrings, requires an expert focus.


To secure the most regular appearance, the right pair can make a sizable difference, but At Hansdiam Diamonds precisely examine similar stones to find only those pairs that stand up to scrutiny from the naked eye.


While a scope will detect the complex differences that set each diamond apart as unique, expertly chosen pairs present visually as perfect matches.


While diamonds can make a wide variety of eye-catching fancy shapes, pie cut diamond, some are also more popular than others, particularly when matching pairs are needed in different settings. Here are some of the most extremely prized shapes for settings that call for matching pairs:


Here is a complete guide on Choose perfect pairs of pie cut diamonds.

Some side stones are usually set in position with the finger, and some are set easterly to the west (across the finger). We could set some each way.



Also known as a “navette,” Marquise cuts may be slim and long, or plump and wide. But the majority are around double as long as they are in width. The most important feature of a Marquise is its beautiful cut. This will ensure it shows its true birth and sparkles!


Our Marquise-Cut Matching Diamonds Pairs not only stays faithful to the highest symbols they’re also in perfect sync to one another down to the millimeter.


We often use these matching marquise cut rings for Tennis Bracelets, Eternity Rings, Marquise Halo Engagement Rings, Drop Earrings, and more.



A trapezoid is Perfect Diamond Pairs for Side Gems. Trapezoids have a relatively extensive surface area, and therefore create a more sparkly effect when mounted in a ring. 


Are you getting high-quality matching trapezoid pairs that side stones? We proudly perform both our pairs and side stones in a wide variety of jewelry from Three Stone Anniversary Rings to Church Setting Rings. 



We incorporate the classic Matching round diamond shape in stunning Jewelry Pieces, Which Add 3 Stone Engagement Rings, Earrings, Round Diamond Engagement Rings, Basket Pendant Sets, and many more.



High-quality piece among loose princess cut diamonds. Although they are more traditionally set as diamond stud earrings, we also recommend you consider a pair of princess cut loose diamonds as side stones for a three-stone diamond engagement ring. 



If you’re hunting for a primary importer of Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds, you need not look further. Our Oval shaped diamonds compliment slender ringers, making this cut a spectacular choice for halo and solitaire engagement ring settings. 



A pair of pear-shaped diamonds produce great fire in the top part of the diamond, and they are great for diamond stud earrings. Some customers may also choose several smaller pear cut loose diamonds to surround a center stone of a diamond engagement ring.



Heart-shaped stones are a poor match in a three-stone ring. They fare better next to a rounded stone (oval, marquise, round), or a cabochon. A successful heart cut diamond is a rarity in today’s market. Many Heart Cut Diamonds are available based on your taste.


This is the only shape that could transform a pearl into a viable center stone for a three-stone ring, Hoop Earrings, Infinity Rings, and Channel Settings among others. 



Used as a generic term to describe a triangular cut diamond, Trillian is a brand name. Our Trilliant-Cut Matching Diamond Pairs is one of our most popular product lines. Trilliant-Cut Diamonds is very popular and it can help you gain the edge over your competitors at unrivaled quality and pricing. Trillion Diamond Earrings, Three Stone Engagement Rings, and Tennis Necklaces and other forms of Jewelry.



Straight baguettes are rectangular step cuts that can be set North-South or East-West, depending on the ring design. We made it our primary mission to offer them unmatched quality and quantity in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and clarity. We can often see them in stunning Baguette Diamond Earrings, Ross Diamond Necklace, Journey Necklaces, Three Stone Engagement Rings, and other types of Jewelry.



The Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds are more often than not small yet elongated and have the added tapered end feature which gives the stone a trapezoidal structure. The Baguette has a timeless appeal that is difficult to come by anywhere else. We often use tapered Baguette Side Stones in Cross Necklaces, Journey Necklaces, Cathedral Rings, Three Stone Engagement Rings among others.


Whether you are buying diamond stud earrings for yourself or as a gift, they are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. That means they better be good! Our customers often buy diamond stud earrings to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a promotion, an anniversary, the birth of a child, or as the foundation of a real jewelry wardrobe.


Hansdiam is the best place to shop for matched diamond sidestone pairs in fancy shapes like a trapezoid, half-moon, and cadi cut. The matching is extremely precise, offering extremely well-matched stones, uniform in cut, color, and size.


Hansdaim Website offers a full education on natural fancy shape diamonds, pie cut diamonds and the benefits of investing in them. We also have articles on treated diamonds and many other aspects of purchasing diamond jewelry online. Remember, all our diamond jewelry comes with a 30-day return policy.